Is it possible to back off from becoming an engineer now? I have started to think that this profession is one of the toughest around.

Not only that you’re accountable for the exact technical background like a technician/mechanic, you’re also supposed to handle the paperwork and documents like a secretary, make sales pitch like a salesman, mix in the crowd like a public relations officer, adjust people in and out your group like a human resource executive, give orders of a project execution like a top military personnel, draw detailed design of process flow and structures like an architect, predict the outcome of a project (planning and budgeting) like a fortune teller, estimate and balance the cost of project like an accountant, economically analyze the profitability of a project like an economist, influence external audience in technical seminars like a politician – it’s a whole bunch of jobs rolled into one!

The only profession I could not associate with is doctor. Let me rephrase. The only missing part in an engineer’s life is a doctor. I still daydream to become a comedian though, honestly. Or perhaps an actor.

Quote of the day : Most of us have an idea of how we think our days should go. We want nights of undisturbed sleep, regular meals and calm homes with a certain amount of order. But in our quest to keep order, sometimes we overlook the fact that some of the most important moments in our lives are unplanned. Through the cracks in our days often come life and love, and moments of connection. [Danielson]