I’m not going to talk about my job today. That’s good news! It’s just like any other day. Except that it’s not. (I think Colin made a remark like this once.) Mum packed me a lunchbox again. No day is a good day without mom’s recipe. I was away, by definition, for almost 10 years. 10 years. I know well enough what it’s like to miss the moments. You just can’t explain that sort of emptiness. I’m just glad to be home. (Yeah, I think someone called me mama’s boy about a year or two ago. Whatever.)

The best strategy game award goes to the Total Annihilation. No, no, I’m not talking about the one with paladins and horses. That’s TA Kingdom. The one I meant has robots, vehicles, commanders, spy planes, bombers, cannons, all constantly at war in a never-ending fight called ‘the intergalactic battle’. It offers the best game-play a strategy game could ever have. I could think of a few reasons why it is extraordinary:

1) The game is so damn realistic. You need energy and metal to build things. Unlike minerals, ore, or gas in some other games, energy in this game can be retrieved from solar collectors, wind generators, tidal generators, trees, nuclear reactors, and so on. Sources of metals are wreckages (dead robots), metal makers (which consume unbelievable amount of energy) and metal extractors built on metal deposits.

2) Simple error made by other strategy games is that the gamer is not directly involved in the battle scenes. Who are you in the game? In Total Annihilation, you are a commander on the battlefield. You become a single unit carrying an energy tank at the back. This unit cannot be produced again, which means if you lose the commander, you could potentially lose the battle.

3) Not only you can build a variety of units, you get to pick your battlegrounds! Depending upon the map structure, you can battle on the ground, air, or water by either building a swarm of attack vehicles and robots, assault airplanes and bombers, or battle ships and submarines respectively.

4) Each unit has its specific AI programmed into it thus you could see a tank swerving left before attacking right and robots snooping in between trees to hide from the enemy. These are all built in you don’t have to tell the robots to move that way.

5) Again, it’s so damn realistic, huge explosions like a nuclear reactor blowing up could stagger the map up and down. You can assign units to do one task after another and it’ll follow your instructions until the list is completed. You can group together unlimited units and also regroup units of the same model as an attacking team.

6) Try it out yourself! Then you’ll discover more. =)

The only downside of this game is its proportionality. Some of the robots can be quite huge compared to a stationary unit i.e. the solar collector. A long-range cannon for instance is supposed to be twice the size of an artillery vehicle but both of those are almost quite the same in size. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

Superb battle play will keep you glued to the screen…