Today, I was reminded of death twice more than any other day. Two stories.

We were visiting Alya at Seseri when these stories came about. As usual, mom was the storyteller. Muzani slipped in occasionally for the elder brother of the boy who died was and still is his friend. So did Alya for personally knowing this little boy. Unlike any other day, as described by Muzani, the boy actually took his time in the shower whereas normal it wouldn’t take him more than a couple of minutes. He actually took the time to greet his mom and dad before leaving home. Alya bumped into him during her visit to school, a couple of days before it happened. The boy collapsed while being punished for being late to school, for he didn’t have a strong heart as others. He couldn’t even make it to the hospital. Death just doesn’t wait. The irony being not only he was known for being an active sportsman, the heart problem wasn’t much of an issue to begin with. He was 16.

Second story was by basis the same. A mother-to-be laid her head on her mother’s lap and reminisced about how good it felt to be doing that when she was little. It was as if she knew the time had come. The future grandmother insisted on attending a relative’s wedding and left the home for such event. Upon her return, both her daughter and granddaughter passed away of fever. She couldn’t feel any sorrier for leaving her daughter. Again, death doesn’t wait.