I would like to thank everyone for your kind wishes and presents. Someone even called to say it personally. Thanks, I really appreciate it. Thank you for the wonderful book. The creamy shirt, thanks mom. I got my first increment after completing the first year at work, won the recent Category B ERC bowling double (good job, Aleq) and am still breathing to pay my dues and share moments with loved ones. For all those, I am grateful. Alhamdulillah.

For everything else, as usual, I hope for better lifestyle, better habits, better environments, better discipline, etc2, and these don’t come easy. Gotta work hard to earn them.

I still feel lonely also. Can’t say I’m not wishing for a life companion soon. That kind of responsibility is, however, overlapping with the responsibility I am carrying now (sooner or later, you have to multitask). Unless it turns out that I really need the kind of life-saving…