Departed slightly after noon, having to welcome a surprise visit from Dato Yusof Nor who was overseeing a cut down of 3rd degree jungle next door. Prior to that, I had to settle everything in the office earlier in the morning. Everybody seemed to be wanting a piece all at the same time, vendor, insurance agent, officemate, old colleague, etc. I hooked up a photographer for a future wedding ceremony – maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn’t – I just hope that both parties are better off.

We stopped by Temerloh for a late lunch. Then we had a long stop at Cik De Zu’s in Kemaman. Cik De Zu is like my 2nd mom. I mistook her for my mother when Muzani was born. She took care of me for a short a while and I instinctually thought she was my mother while my real mom was quite occupied embracing the newborn Muzani. But at the end of the day, I naturally found out who my mother really was, am, and come to think about it, all aunts are mothers anyway.

We reached Paya Datu by around midnight, after screaming and hollers of both mom and k.Long at Muzani and my driving respectively. Single-lane freeway. Can’t help it.