Mom was a bit emotional when we left. I guess it had something to do with attachment of sons & daughters to parents. She was insisting on obeying them, as supposed to following your heart all the way. Kids these days aren’t the same. They have more options and more choices and some tend to abuse the kind of luxury without looking at the overall rationale and reasonings of elder generation. I believe she’s stressing on the combination of the two, with higher priority given to getting the bless from the elderly. Then, we

  • picked up keropok stock.
  • literally flew through the highway (departed around 11 and reached home by 6.45pm)
  • stopped by Cik De Zu’s place again.
  • stopped by to visit Ayoh Long near Gambang.
  • had dinner at Chop & Steak, huge order, because we never stopped for meals during the journey.