I celebrated the raise by sponsoring the fish for our household. Yey.


The front way was super crowded with lorries. It was 2am in the morning.


Pretty much like the Low Yatt of fish market – stuff caught up with ‘net’ instead of ‘internet’. The web ways were wet and congested. Water splashes to you like pop-ups and spams, uncontrolled, and you had to wear them rubber boots.


I learned that even a dead fish is deadly. Sustaining a 2-inch cut on my right arm, most likely due to the sea creatures’ sharp fins or the tails while carrying them on my shoulder, I kept on going although blood was dripping down my arm. I thought it was the fish’s blood. Much later, I stuck some ice on the wound to freeze it.

We reached home around 3.30Am, dead tired. It was an OK trip, not excellent, because we couldn’t find the Tuna ‘Aya’ (I forgot which kind).