Home is never the same without mom. Fortunately for us, dad decided to defer his move* to UDM a couple of days forward (more details). Alya came home yesterday and she’s been helping out a lot. I am as useless as always, which is enlightening in such a way that I suddenly understand why dad had said what he had to say then. He didn’t use any of such terms, but I finally understood his message.

Somehow we were not very hungry so we went out for a late lunch before sending Alya back to college. I misjudged the serving size, causing an upset stomach for the rest of my evening.

It’s been quiet in terms of work. A couple of months back, I remember that my weekends were ultimately filled with trips to offshore & office. But it’s been good this week so far. I’m grateful in that sense.

*By the way, dad retired after 33 years with UKM. Being a terrible son that I am, I don’t have a lot of depth in what he’s done except for a few things like he teaches chemistry but not chemistry alone. I know that he’s proficient in Math and Physics (could’ve made an excellent engineer, especially with his already superb carpentry), but he had chosen Chemistry instead, loving it ever since. He was involved in Chitin Chitosan and many other organic (I’m not sure if he also does inorganic) researches, authored and co-authored many many books and journals, translated many overseas academic contents into local-based resources (under Dewan Bahasa), and the best of all, he was among of the few lecturers from punchcard generation who keeps up with technology and ended up contributing to the ICT section of the university. Although dad claims the he did not make quite a neutron star on exit, he is indeed the brightest star or sun to us, his family.