I’ve always wanted to be number one in primary school. It didn’t happen. Well, in some instances, yes, but not THE number one. There’s someone smarter than me. But I won some other awards and managed to become the head boy for short while. Not sure if those were what I had wanted. No active sports representation. I’m still grateful to survive it all, made a few friends, and moved on to high school.

Secondary school – never get what I wanted. Not top in class, no real award winning sports, mom and dad didn’t come during any other award events except for maybe the real last one because I was already in the US, and no head boy position like my dad. Although they did visit almost every weekend, it’s compensating to know that I shouldn’t be pampered. Besides, I have many other brothers worth of attention. They’re all growing up fast. If I’m not the lead model, then who is? (hm… not sure if I’m doing such a good job)