my employer wouldn’t definitely mind. In fact, they would have asked for it. What happen to the work-life balance…

Well, it’s also another indicator that I’m not as efficient as others. Or, maybe I’m too overloaded. Or… perhaps I need some quiet time on my own to get some stuff moving. Whatever it is… I have no choice.

Stopped by Cheras to visit a residence that I should have visited much earlier. Glad to see everyone. To my surprise, it was Iman’s birthday but the feast had not yet started. I had to go to office then so I excused myself, not promising to come back for the actual event which would depend on the work itself. Halfway through the situation, as we were forming an ERT (Emergency Response Team), mom called inviting me to come along and attend Abg Din’s ceremony. I tried to wiggle my way through but I couldn’t join them because we were having a teleconference with the offshore team there and then. After it was over, I headed back to Cheras, paid a tribute to the birthday girl, and later brought home a handful of the event’s main dishes.