Do I need an instrument that records time with great accuracy, or one that tells time with great precision? I’ve always wanted to get myself a fine watch and so I did.


Fold-over-clasp-with-safety, tachymeter, and metal gray finish – a big portion that meets my taste.

Joining K.Ngah, mom and Alya at Bintang, I bought the above watch and then scouted for a Jubah (robe?). With little to no avail, none matched the one I’ve had in mind – a dark blue robe I borrowed from Abli during one of the Muktamar plays in the States (the one in Peach City Georgia.)

After Iftar, we headed to KL Sentral for K.Ngah’s departure to Nibong Tebal and later Kedah by train. We decided to eat at a fast-food stop inside the terminal complex. Unfortunately, the queue was quite long. K.Ngah and I lined up in two different lanes to improve our chances. Strange as it may seemed, two ladies in front of me giggled as if I was into them. I gave a stare because I realized that they cut in front of me earlier when my mind was busying into… ehhem.. some good memories from the past. Unbeknownst to me, they quietly slipped in front and acted innocent from thereon. K.Ngah beat me to the counter by 2 customers. Dang it.

The time for K.Ngah’s departure came quickly, she packed some to go and we waved her good bye. I’d miss the ever buoyant Munief. Have a safe journey, sis. Convey my regards to everyone.