I couldn’t feel any worse about what I did yesterday. Urgh. It was a bitter pill to swallow… I am mr. grumpy sometimes.

We had another convoy but this time on mom’s side visiting Tuk Sening‘s youngest brother, mom’s cousins near the beach and her aunt M.Su in Mengabang Telipot.

Can you resist the newly fried Ketupat Palas

Later part of the day, we visited the beach near the airport. I made a front-flip after many, many years without such Silat Gayong moves. The wind breezed. The sky was clear. Subhanallah. Dad claimed:

the sea summons…

That’s me acting silly. Like an anime move.

Night barbecue. Around the grill: Ayoh Ngoh, Syawal, and Pok Teh Ridhwan.