The boss of Kokitab himself changed my tires. The workshop wasn’t supposed to be open but I guess he was in for more income after spending a lot for Raya. Earlier P.Awang, P.Shang and I were at Harun’s Dunlop for a pair of 195 60 R15s. Unfortunately, they didn’t have Ducaros and only NCT5s.

sentra tires.jpg
My uncles, P.Awang & P.Shang, helping out

There was an Altis nearby and I managed to compare the two shock absorbers. Toyota has got it more on the inside (right pic), whereas Nissan’s sticking out a little bit (left pic). Clearly the former has lower exposure of damage due to shooting rocks or any other hard materials striking from the tire spins.

shock absorber.jpg

Close to noon, we headed towards the city and grabbed a bite where dad normally goes for lunch, close to the Sultan Sulaiman primary school. Then we visited Aunt Nor‘s place nearby Losong. Pakcik Umar had gone back to KL with their daughter Amy. We found out that Jalan Siakap wasn’t the easiest road to find, being somewhere in between Losong Lebai Salleh and Losong Panglima Perang without any road signs or labels.

Obvious from the picture that I’m having a back problem.

Then we headed out to Abg.Long’s home in Seberang Takir. We took the route by the new stadium since the normal path was suspected to be all jammed up. First thing we noticed was that the back house had become a beautiful 3-floor tower. Abg.Lang was very enthusiastic in his dialog with dad about the discrepancies of academic institutions in Malaysia. K.Nor made a great noodle soup, everyone went for seconds. Abg.Long’s mother looked well and she seemed to be enjoying the conversation with mom. No lawyer in sight though.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the operations called, reporting more issues about the current controls.

Lucky for me… my heart from afar came very close and eased me off to sleep.