Found out that both wireless routers were goners. After a morning treat and such a fine sleep afterwards, I woke up realizing that the mission was to go to Low Yatt Plaza again.

CB & I headed towards the electronics marketplace for another quick fix due to lightning strike. We brought the Dell LCD that gave way about 2 days ago. I also brought ZAN to see if I could devise a way to bring it back to life.

The first fix was the D-Link router. We purchased a better looking router, black in color, the speed of which was only up to 56Mbps. The 108 router, which looked exactly the same like the one that’s faulty, was much uglier, even though it’s faster. The DSL bandwith would clip it to 1Mbps top anyway. There’s not enough justifications to go 108. Next up, we dropped off the LCD at a repair shop, the estimated cost and time of which was fair and quick respectively, so it wasn’t that difficult a deal to close.

Finally, the moment of truth. Scanning here and there for a suitable adaptor for ZAN, I finally asked one of the sales rep if they had a 5VDC adaptor with 2.4A output. They turned out to have a 5VDC Toshiba supply, although the amp rating was just 2A. I immediately tested it, since the Foxlink had gone defective anyway, and there was no quicker way to know if the Base Station was alive or not. Voila. It powered up.

Sighing in relief, I took CB to Bandar Utama, visited the MacAsia, ate some nice lunch and headed back.