Marwan and I presented our plan for 08 in the asset team-building event. Many field personnel were asking about my instrument and systems work. Not a surprise – it’s just me trying to pull all of those things together for that particular asset.

Upon finishing that, I headed back home for a family lunch with special guests. Intan, her mom, aunt and uncle and their son Haziq arrived a while after I reached home. We didn’t have as many courses, but the event certainly helped us get to know each other better.

Then I headed back to bowl, with CB & SB tagging along to spend the night at Sunway. I thought I bowled pretty good, although I still felt like I could’ve done better. Unfortunately for CB & SB, there were quite bored in the room, so we went out for dinner at Sunway Pyramid. I’ve been having bad cough. And cold. Achooo! Cough! Cough! I slept on the floor since both my two little bros conquered the bed.