A vendor drove me crazy. I was walking with Mr Ismail S around Bintang Walk when this particular supplier rep called and bombarded me with all kinds of terms and conditions. Suddenly he was explaining standby rate, over run rate and all, although I knew perfectly that the contractual obligation was under utilized and spilling over or exceeding the agreement were simply out of the question.

Well, the reason Ismail and I hung out there was to pass some time while waiting for the group dinner at about 6. The place was called Yokogowa, Jidoma, or something, I forgot. And it was a huge buffet place. Unbelievably huge. It offered a great variety of seafood. I should go there again if I were really, really hungry for seafood and I happened to have RM88 with me at the time.


I ate a lot. And suddenly whatever I said became very funny. 80% of the time, I’d make them laugh. Maybe we were just a little high on having too much sugar in the blood.

My blood pressure was at 118/58 @ 64bpm at rest. Not too bad. But I feel so out of shape.