Attended K.Nita’s wedding at Royale Bintang Seremban. It was quite eventful. Syami was the MC and the events were Gamelan music, martial arts display, singings, and so on.


Wedding ceremonies these days has gone beyond its original intent, I reckon. This is just a personal opinion by the way. Disagree with me all you want.

Imagine this. The hosts and the guests are 30 feet away from the guests throughout the event. This is because the hosts sit at a special “King and Queen of the day” table on a raised platform while the guests are admiring from the floor below.

The only chance for hosts-guests greeting is during exit from the hallway where the bride and groom would be waiting at the “gate” out.

In the older days, the folks got to know each other while preparing for the feast. Everybody brought a little bit of something or contributed energy and efforts in the wedding arrangement. There was synergy so people generally come together. Nowadays, you receive an invitation, appear and eat. No wonder the folks across the table wouldn’t know each other. At least that’s an opportunity to get to know but most wouldn’t simply talk. It’s like everyone has too high of a profile, they couldn’t let their guards down.

In my example, I attempted to melt the tension and speak so it wouldn’t be too awkward. Twice. Twice short reply and no return question.

Either people had gone less friendlier compared to the older days or I had appeared on the wrong event, on the wrong time.