We had a small gathering at Dave’s Deli, One Utama. It was a group of Exxon Mobil scholars (Exxon Mobil [Malaysia] to be exact), ex or current employees altogether. Although we weren’t really united in the company, we share almost the same spirit and share more or less a common situation – the 4 to 5 year overseas and 5 years in Exxon Mobil. Or more.


It was a small gathering but the picture didn’t have to be small.

I rushed back to send off dad but I missed him by a couple of minutes. I called to hold everybody off but it was Adik who answered the phone. Golly.

And then, a step forward to Cheras. I feel very sad nobody wanted to come along with me. Never mind. Maybe next time. It’s good to see everybody. I found myself searching to place my root all over again, after being away for a little while. I was having a mixed feeling about an interview in the open… both eye-opening and uncomfortable at the same time.

In a situation of uncertainty, I just stick to the one that has been working for me so far – honesty.