Microsoft is softgoing nowhere. I will bash Microsoft even while I’m bed-ridden. Please read this first before you proceed.

Microsoft never really originates or innovates anything. That’s why they work hard to “close” the system. I saw a pamphlet on 7 reasons to go Vista:

1. Special Pricing just for Malaysia
Using price as a selling point. OK, that’s a sign of diminishing quality. BMW and Mercedes don’t brag about their prices. But they sell. Maybe less but they do.

2. Easier to use
Yes indeed. It’s much easier to use than XP. Tell me about it. I’ve heard more stories of reverting back to XP than actual success story of Vista.

3. Music your way
What way? It is not clear to me what feature this is all about.

4. Mind blowing games
Freecell and Solitaire. Maybe Internet Poker too. And Pinball. Coolness.

5. Unified Home Entertainment Network
I think you need a lot more than Vista to get this going. This is based on assumption that all other peripherals available. Unifiication is probably what Vista is trying to do. Home is self-explanatory. Entertainment is all of the media you like – games, music, movies and so on. And network is all of those interconnected. So, what hasn’t been covered in 3 (Music your way)? By incremental analysis, what is the added benefit with Vista?

6. Auto-Backup Function
OK, finally there is something close to useful. But then again, connect a HD and copy your data. How hard is that? Auto-Backup is handy but is trashed to dust without a proper Auto-Restore. Go figure.

7. Anywhere connectivity
I think this common and not unique to Vista. Cheap, but good try.

Ballmer is not cutting it even after 8 years in office.

Compare to Mac OS X features:
iTunes, Time Machine, Front Row, Rendezvous and so on – all these features are clearly defined, beneficial and they actually do work. If you haven’t tried Macintosh, you should do so today. Immediately.