In Sabak.

Back to KS. We didn’t originally plan to visit Sabak Bernam today but we had a second thought and did that anyway. Besides, time is of the essence. It was quite a rush. We visited Aunt Sal, Che Mol & Ibu’s adopted parents who provided us a whole bunch of coconuts & bananas.


I was craving for coconut drink.


Atuk had just recovered from many months long of rest due to heart complication. IJN couldn’t do much. He went with Rastali banana flower therapy instead – he seemed quite fit to me.

Headed back to Bangi. Stopped by Farah & Dosh’s place first in Kg Subang. First time I had the time to properly get to know the wonderful couple. Before this… it was just a glimpse from afar during ijab kabul & reception.


Thanks for having us!

Tasik Idaman dinner. I wasn’t sure who was buying but I do know for sure that the whole dining experience were distorted by the DJ and the noise.