Quick birthday celebration for CB, Aidah & Munief. Couldn’t post more photos because some seemed more personal than they were public. You know what I mean.



Tiramisu, Nasi Kunyit

Sending off my wife to KLIA. Abg Long & K.Long hitched our ride and  Aida & Arifah threw up in the Nissan. We were slightly late and everything seemed to be in rush. But all in all, it was manageable. The KLIA was packed with people! New students to Adelaide or something.


Which level?

The world is so small because I met En_me from the virtual world. He greeted me from afar, recognizing the unmistaken face from my website. Nice to meet you! His entry about the encounter: http://yginsaf.com/2009/02/09/lagi-lagi-kufi-empat-segi


In his words, wah, so lumayan (luxurious).


OK, Achik has to go now. Ayah chik wants to go too.

I will sorely miss my wife. T_T