I’m suffering from a terrible ulcer on my left side of the tongue. I couldn’t speak properly. I talk like I have the worst lisp in the world, anything worse could have qualified me as a dumb attempting to talk (politically incorrect remark).

Having said that, meal is equally painful: I shedded 2 kilos and dropped to 71kg.


I woke up realizing that… hey I have a substitute already: Mr. TYH! The company is already showing the card that they do not necessarily need me.

Even with disastrous lisp, I stormed the Sedia Teguh-ICS Triplex‘s obsolete Regent & Triguard migration path and Trusted TMR Intro workshop at the Prince Hotel. I shot questions like it was nobody else’s business. The other operators gave me a nod when I suggested a solution that they sought from ICS Triplex. It wasn’t something technical but a logical solution. Sedia Teguh somehow thanked me for it.

I guess I have a knack for Systems. Although I don’t see my career path that way is shining bright.