Too occupied. Phone never stopped ringing. There was a DCS project meeting before the Employee Forum.

The forum was carried out as always. As if there was a script. Although there wasn’t actually any. Employees expressed approximately the same concerns like last time and the management seemed to have a standard answer for each.

Well, although the Q&A was quite interesting and I learned a few more things or two about the company policies, I was there for the lunch. Lunch was indeed a very nice conclusion to the event. I recalled Mr. Tahir from the talent search last time who sat on the same table. Next to him, Firdaus & Seri were gauging others about being faraway from each other.

Well, I could only say a few words to that. If being a week away from each other was a battle for you, my endeavor would span across rises and downfalls of a few civilizations on earth. But there’s nothing to be embarrassed about for admitting the suffering in the absence of your partner. That’s love.


Life is very much a struggle. Perseverance is key.


Good things would come to those who wait.

Last day for a wonderful colleague, Johan. I finally managed to back up files using the White WD.