Mr A seemed to be too assertive. Too assertive in fact that it illuminated pompousness. I don’t remember seeing this trait at all then.

In a separate event, during an employee forum with Rob O. the VP, there were employees with planted questions by the planning group. Personally, I think that’s very unfair and quite a disgrace. Unfair to those who would have real questions and a disgrace for covering up the real potential. But I could hear ass-licking questions like, “so what do you think about coming back to Malaysia” and… I couldn’t hear anything after that because my ears just shut very tight from the smell. Maybe that was a real question and the planning group had anticipated to avoid such.

I shot up a question on NOC (National Oil Companies) holding more reserves (two thirds) than the IOC and whether that would translate into a different company strategy in longer term to which the VP replied a standard answer, something I had anticipated.

There was alternative energy question… standard answer. Balance between rejuvenation and spending question… more standard answer.

The company format seemed to span more angles than I previously thought…