These are the opulent individuals who had recently lost some fortune due to the market correction (according to a source that I can’t recall):

1 Anil Ambani 31.9bil
2 Bill Gates 18bil
3 Oleg Deripaska 24.5bil
4 Warren Buffet 25bil
5 K.P. Singh 25bil
6 Lakshmi Mittal 25.7bil
7 Sheldon Adelson 22.6bil
8 Carlos Slim Helo 25bil
9 Vladimir Potanin 17.2bil

Are they the big losers? No. They still have plenty more.

The ones in grief are the thousands of workers losing jobs as their respective employers laying off resources to weather the contraction. I just hope people wouldn’t resolve to desperate means to put food on the table.

The 3rd wave, dot com burst. Second wave, industries are scrambling to stay in business. It’s about time to go back to basics. It seems like our earlier worry on recycling back into the first wave, agricultural, is vindicated. Do we have more people than we do food? Can we grow everything ourselves? Why do we import such crops from such countries? Government and the people alike should quickly react by building more and more agricultural capacities.