The friendly Futsal match as it occurred – Surface department versus the Subsurface – resulted in a draw at 11 all. I’m quite proud of the team. I’ve never seem them that capable ever since I joined back in 2005.


Go Surface! Subsurface!

Earlier, I attended the gas management system. It’s not really that complicated… but seriously, I thought the actual system should have been called “Gas Supply Assurance” instead. And ensuring gas supply is a full time job – there’s a position for GMS engineering.

Wow. What’s the job scope? Coordination? This looks like a higher level engineer, similar to production planners. But I personally think it’s not helping the base load and the base crew.

On a different note, I overheard the inaccurate use of “Don’t be embarrassed“. Should’ve been: “Don’t be shy… grab some food.


I received news that Afifah was admitted to the hospital suffering from pneumonia. Hope she’ll get well soon.