The most important traits at I’d say the biggest company in the world are the Dominant & the Influence (Communicative) quadrants. There isn’t much future for Conscientious & Supportive folks. I’ve seen it time and again, it’s only a matter of time before I could come up with my own statistics associating those traits with the movement up the ladder.

I felt very much left out most part of the day. Was very quiet during lunch. Immediately after prayer, I accidentally bumped into former colleague Mr. A. S. He seemed to be doing very well for himself outside of the big company. Good on ya mate.

In the evening, I was trying out the weekly Futsal. No much chance for a limp, I see. Move aside, slo-mo. Shucks. And so much for trying out, I missed out Cempaka Rimba dinner with my family. More shucks.


Maybe I forgot I’ve got 2 screws inside. I’m screwed.