I have been cleaning up some stuff pending from many years ago. Like 2 years ago at least. We somehow overdid the work identification. We worried so much about reputation and being politically correct in closing some “findings”, here we are today with what I’d quote the term coined by mostly others as “nice-to-have”. Priority not so high compared to others but it becomes a must for it is in the backlog.

Some idiot in green Wira parked right behind me. Lucky for me, two kind folks, a lady and a gentleman, guided me from outside in maneuvering the Sentra out without touching the Wira. Wish I had left a note on the Wira’s windshield with bold 96pt font letters that spells “IDIOT“.

TM support called twice. I had anticipated the technician to come today but they would only do that tomorrow. Instead, the rep did a little troubleshooting on the phone, keeping me in the loop. In turned out that the signal level was too low (9 dB vs normal 30).

Throughout the day, I endured the pain from yesterday’s jogging. I just ignored it.