Somehow my good chair snapped into two. Things around me keep failing. I should consider a career in Crash Test / Fool Proof test engineer.


TM technicians came and re-wired the phone line to the main junction box. Problem solved! The phone line is now clear  of noise and the Streamyx is now streaming fast. Good job, folks.

I saw Honda Civic hybrid ad on the Sun newspaper and it triggered me to check the facts. The newspaper claims the gas mileage to be 31km/liter. I logged on its website and lo and behold, it says 22km/liter instead. So, which is it, Honda?


31km/liter is apparently based on 10-15 mode in Japan.
21.7391km/liter is apparently based on 4.6liter/100km EU combined test cycle.

+/- 10km/liter is too big a deviation don’t you think?