In the morning, I sent dad to the usual rendezvous. Met up Azman from SAB, Dr Abdullah’s son. In the afternoon, I was trying out Spore from Maxis & EA. Cool game. But the gameplay maneuver sucks.

If you’ve been following the Formula 1 races, can you believe Brawn GP had flexed some serious muscles! It sounded too good to be true. From a struggling Honda team to a prominent contender for championship, this Brawn guy is one heck of a technical leader.


Food for thought – without the diffuser, is Brawn GP still much of a threat?

On a different note, I saw this on BBC Sports news:
0847: “Of course, if the three diffuser teams are deemed illegal on appeal, Lewis Hamilton will have won!”
James White, Reading

Hm, championship is not based on one race, brother.