I was rushing things. Some risk assessment broke into the flow of my work. We also had to talk about L3 & Honeywell system management. I simply couldn’t complete contracting work that I had planned to do.


Marwan is transferring to a different department. Damn. Movements in the Big company is normally fast… after close to 4 years with the company, I’ve seen:

1) 3 Lead Country Managers in action
2) (Worked under) 3 different supervisors (direct superiors)
3) (Worked in) 3 different offices
4) 4 senior engineers promotion to supervisory level
5) 3 senior engineers promotion to Planner
6) 3 supervisory assignments to Houston
7) 1 supervisor promoted to Superintendent (one of the people in item 4)
8 ) 1 advisor resignation
9) 2 supervisors resignation
10) 2 senior systems retirement
11) 4 senior system engineers resignation and 1 junior system resignation (am currently the most senior at Tech support ground level.)
12) Multiple facilities engineers resignation (I lost count)

I haven’t even attempted to quantify the ones I know from different departments.

But a few stayed the same:
1) Same system advisor
2) Same asset boss
3) Same line of work (systems, Good, Cave, Dissolve)

An addition:
1) Recruitment of 5 more system engineers
2) 1 of them assigned to my asset (supposedly my substitute)

Lunch with CEO.