Picked up my wife at the Takaful building, who had breakfast with KNgah earlier. The opening to Tun Razak road was surprisingly clear.

My wife went out shopping while I completed some stuff at work. We met again for lunch together. She hesitantly stayed around while I continued on with my report upward.

It must’ve been hard for her. First the bad news. Now this. I feel bad.


Much later, we were at Pakcik Hashim & Cik Ayu’s Wong Solo for dinner. This particular Bangi branch was nicely arranged. Perhaps some delicacy would cheer us up a bit. I ordered Polygamy and my wife ordered Happy. We switched those juices occasionally.


Clear pictures and labels for menu.


The food was pretty good.


Drinks of the day: Polygamy and Happy. Polygamy is a mixture of  papaya, mango, avocado and pineapple. Happy is a mixture of sirap bandung and ice cream soda.

Much, much later, we settled down and watched Australia together. For the lack of opportunity to spend time there together now.