I know I shouldn’t be talking confidential work here but there’s one fact that stuns me and I don’t think it’s isolated to my company: 80% of the system is like in the Beetle stage. They all need to be ‘Zonda’ed a little. We discussed this during the company planning and budgeting.

11 to 12pm
Worked out. Feeling good.

3pm to 5pm
Youth network meeting. A group of 0 – 5 year old engineers need a little love and support, the sense of belonging and sharing. LOL.

5 – 6pm
BBQ, some food and networking fun. The parking exit bar whacked my head as I was leaving. That was a good blow on my cranium.

Before the BBQ session, I had a quick chat with TUM at the car park. Found out that one senior project engineer had left. To Netherlands.