It was just like any other day… I was doing a little housekeeping…

until I received an SMS from Ayoh Ngoh. Apparently my cousin was admitted to hospital yesterday due to a severe case of allergy. That’s what we heard at first. Only when mom, AbgLong and I decided to visit Pantai hospital in Ayer Keroh we learned that she had been suffering from the Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

[ I wish to post a picture here but with all due respect… just wish her well, OK ]

It did look like a severe case of allergy. As of the time of visit the suspected root cause was allergic reaction to medication. What I didn’t expect was the level of impact on the skin – as if she had been boiled for a few minutes.

I looked up in my iPhone’s Eponyms to learn that it is a rare condition: 1 to 6 in million cases per people per year. For about 6 billion people on earth, that turns out to be approximately 6,000 to 36,000 cases per year. Check my math.