Somehow the main turnstile was temporarily jammed closed (some were manually bypassed open to allow entry & exit). I’m starting to wonder if things were ever smooth in Exxon Mobil. Even turnstile doesn’t work 24 hours, forget the Jet pump, Blackbeard West or Valdez. But then again, other operators would face challenges too, in different forms.


During lunch, Yassir and I guided some new hires about life in the working force, spontaneously. Immediately after, I attended Dr. Shafie’s tazkirah. Then 1 on 1 with the boss, updating my work and other personal arrangement.

Went to see Dr Hashim. He said I was 80% ready for fitness to go offshore. In my ACL rehab routine, he wanted me to add flights of stairs, 3 going up and 3 going down. The fitness test would be on either May 25 or 26.

I returned home and show-cased my Mac OS X laptop to dad. With the sudden additional time at my disposal, I also organized my folder especially the subsidized fuel payments documentation.