It was a horrible day.

Some seniors (from other disciplines and departments) had given this advice – stand ground and fight for your vacation. Don’t yield. All right. My mind is all mixed up now. Anxiety and stress over work and personal commitment clash.


One of the senior procurement executives blew the horn and claimed that I was soliciting for a purchase. Come on. I wasn’t the one cutting the order. Even the one cutting the order didn’t think that was against Controls. That’s it. The more I thought I was doing more for the company, the more I was penalized for it. I’m not going to do an ounce more outside technical. If the vendor gives me a budgetary or quotation, no matter how outrageously high it is – I won’t bother. Good luck the company in buying materials at a reasonable price. All I know is the technical specs are in shape.

Returned home angrily. I had to report to the supervisor for that. I think I was spotted for something I didn’t do wrong. Justice will prevail one day. In one way or another.