I arrived in office early, giving me some leeway to work out from 11 to noon.

During my late arrival to lunch, a colleague was inquiring the reason for the lateness, to which I replied – working out. I think I can better picture it in dialogue forms (not actual, but close), it went something like this:

ABC: Why so late?
AZM: I was working out at the gym since 11.
ABC: Wow… like that, I should tell the boss, lock the gym until 12.
AZM: Business requires it (more extensive theraphy). They want me to go offshore very soon.
ABC: Wow… like that I should tell the boss I have marathon next month and work out in business hours.
AZM: That’s not really immediate business needs.
ABC: Healthy workers are good for business what.
AZM: (Finally I was fed up with the objection tones to the “struggle” that I have to go through, as if the colleagues are questioning the so-called privilege to their eyes) Well, you haven’t experienced this injury that occured to me. Try and go through it, you will understand.
ABC: *No response.

And I was at Honeywell office again to check out the project’s progress:


HPM looks like a pristine equipment to me. Of course I would prefer the C300 but this one is already waaay better than existing controllers.