Speaking of Maori, some teams were just obsessed with it. The normal “Ka Mate” became “Ma Kate”, taking off shirts, all hell broke lose – and that’s Red Indian’s dance for you. Lots, you name it… rugby clubs, school teams, and so on.

I’m not criticizing Maori, all Blacks, nor the Haka tradition. I am just wondering why we are into it. Emulating is something we’re good at. Pops American Idol, here we want Malaysian Idol. Comes Shallow Hal and we try Cinta Kolesterol.

Why don’t we go with something original. Something like the Amok cry. That’s more local – and original. Amok is not in any foreign dictionary (except for maybe the portuguese root amouco) and thus something we can call our own.

a.mok behave uncontrollably and disruptively