Woke up early and had breakfast.

My team won the treasure hunt again (like last year). During the final stint where we had to creatively dance like the Red Indians I came up with the Tonto concept but somebody else performing the act was getting the credit and highlighted as visible. I was never recognized for the idea. As always. We also stuck as close as possible to Red Indian culture – some others had deviated to Maori, African, etc. For a little fun, we sang “I like to move it, move it,” from Madagascar the movie but we still closed the act with some Red Indian chants under my lead. I gave Yusof the credit for shaping the act as the story-teller. He was right – the more technical and complicated the dances are – the less appealing it is.


Lead musician. Heh.

Then we had water polo game at the pool. I had right leg cramps during the later part in the middle field versus the comfortable position as goalkeeper earlier.

We were back at the office when dad called. He had arrived from up east with Dr. Abdullah so I stayed back a little to pick him up. At home, I passed on RM420 Jusco vouchers that I won to mom.