My first day of vacation in 2009. Yes, folks – I’ve been working without much break since end January. I took the 1-day leave to attend this special event at Paya Datu, Manir, Kuala Terengganu. It was an extremely important day for Tok and Pok Shang. Again, with a DSLR camera at hand, I volunteered to snap as many photos as possible throughout the ceremony.


Here it is.


Quick fix!


My nieces enjoyed the occasion at their own sweet time.


My nephew even helped out with washing the dishes!


Dad having a little chat with AyohNgoh.


Mom awaiting for more guests.


The King and Queen of Paya Datu that day.


Cousins mostly. The nieces and nephews of PokShang.


I’ve had a little too much… hm.

Sliding into early evening, I began packing and greeting everyone. Tomorrow’s a work day for me. I drove back to KL with CB & Ashbi and additional last-minute boarding passengers: Teh and K.Nor, Teh’s friend.

We had a near miss at Kuala Ibai that was pretty darn close. That particular near miss was the worst safety spot in my book. I am not proud of that at all, but it happened in road congested with road-hoggers.

I hate road-hoggers. The second worst type of drivers. After the join-the-road-without-looking-at-oncoming-traffic drivers. These type of drivers should just rot in the workshops.