Started off early, it was the first time Mr. YSP was around in the morning because he would normally join at noon.

Finally, I received a green light. Tried not to be too excited because number 1, it was still not per the original plan and number 2, the green light might just suddenly turned red – I am not yet convinced of its authenticity.

While testing, I was also modifying the project review package. Hell yeah, plenty of us are 2 engineers at a time – run things in parallel but not too many – you know your limit.


Termination assembly.

Once we reached our limit for the day, I dropped off Mr. YSP before venturing out to Low Yat for some gadgets with Safieei. We seemed to have the same wavelength with regards to gadgets. Heh! I purchased thumb drive and earphones for wife before picking up dad across Taman Maluri on MRR2.