Access control criticality supersedes the task that could be executed under such access.

I was in the office early in the morning when I discovered that there was another conflict with the review that I had asked the group secretary to arrange for. Shucks. You can’t plan anything around here.

Nevertheless, the factory testing needed to move forward. Today was the last day for Mr. YSP to help me. Thanks! We departed together from the office and I tried bypassing the federal highway via NPE and Jalan Templer this time. Surprisingly, Mr. YSP had a KL & Selangor map with him and he was pointing to the right landmarks as we passed them. I personally learned about Jalan Universiti, Jalan Gasing, and so on. [Pause]. Cool.

During lunch time, I wired some money to my wife. The Section 14 was unbelievably crowded. I probably spent more ka-ching hunting around for parking spots than the savings of tele transfer via RHB. I don’t know… I didn’t do the cost-benefit analysis for such comparison. Most importantly, essential matters are resolved.

The chain-like sound came up again. I couldn’t help but drove to the nearby Nissan showroom, discovering that the service center was just behind it, and booked a major service for tomorrow.

With the hope that nothing from the engine would snap, I detoured to Low Yat under dad’s request for a V2000 or V3000 power adaptor.