Mom, Dad, Alya and I were at Adik’s Hari Mesra. It was the day when the teachers would comment on the kids performance in front of their parents. I don’t remember my parents listening to mine, ever. Not in junior nor in high school. I guess I wasn’t much of a trouble.


Mom and dad may qualify for the title “senior parents”. They’ve had 7 kids at this school. Adik is the eighth.


Cikgu Rasita was Alya’s teacher in SKBBB.


Former accolade of SRKBBB. Hahah.

Office called. Although I wasn’t on duty I feel obligated to respond because it was my field in trouble and the young fellow needed a little guidance. Hope he learned something along the way.

Then we had a late lunch at Rasa Alamanda before dad departing to Terengganu. I personally departed to KS, dropping my jaw upon setting my eyes on a nice home theater setup. Nice LCD TV, Ibu. I had wished one for myself, heh. 😛