It felt a little like hanging by a thread, still. And this local spread of AH1N1 is not helping my situation at all. Everybody has been asking me if I would wear a mask. Did you know that this swine flu had only caused 0.44% death rate? Compared to the Avian flu of about 47% and SARS of about 19%? There are plenty more fatal causes around you – dengue, road hazards, the food you eat everyday (heart attacks, diabetes, and so on.) Come on. Let’s not jump on the band wagon and enjoy the knee-jerkings.

For your thought: a research has shown that when a ferret was infected with human flu, all the nine around it would be infected and died. They collected all the fatal AH1N1 cases from Mexico, Texas, and California and infected a ferret – only six out of nine in the nearby cages were infected.

I can understand why the Asians overreact. They responded based on the outbreak of SARS. Local government can’t even agree on what to call the outbreak. Selsema babi? Or A H satu N satu? RTM would use this. Health officials would use that.

See the map:
H1N1 map.