I started off the day early, resuming my packing from yesterday. Mom, dad, Alya, CB and Adik sent me off to the airport.

Is it just me or KLIA was indeed a little ridiculous – there was another scan before proceeding to Gate C26 and C27. The best part was, these were mostly international crowd waiting in a long line before 1 out of 4 available scanner trains! Furthermore, the Melbourne gate opened up so late (half hour before departure), they had to call up the Perth passengers manually.


C27 to Perth. My ticket says Melbourne C27.


Crowd lined up in front of the second scanner – a hint to the airport staff.

It was pretty much a jumble – Perth and Melbourne were designated C26 and C27 respectively but the line up shown here to gate C27 was for Perth. Is this really a world class airport for 3 consecutive years?

Tullamarine airport was a little ridiculous too – the arrival gates split into two and the crowd was hogging up the rails.

All of the hurdles… to do something good. But I am together with my wife for now. That what matters.

I love her so very much.