The second day required more traveling so fewer activities entailed. First we had a road trip to Dandenong which is about 40km southeast of Melbourne city to visit Affida & Azhar.


In Affida and Azhar’s. Dandenong. Lunch.

Then, on the way back, we stopped by Chadstone for a quick visit to the Apple Store. I was looking for a Mini Display Port to DVI adaptor (I couldn’t believe they didn’t include it in the box!). AUD$46.00 was way too much for a cable.


I’ve been to Palo Alto Apple Store, the Big Apple, and many more… (I’ll list this later) and now, Chadstone, Australia.

Then my wife gave me a tour around the University of Melbourne. The school, as much as I could estimate, spanned about 2 and half block from one end to another.


I couldn’t remember which building that was but it sure was beautiful lighting for a photo op. It was actually darker that it looks close to maghrib but I had increased the ISO number and lowered the shutter speed.

Much later we went to the IMAX theater near the museum and watched Transformers 2. Affida and Azhar had decided to watch the same show upon knowing our plan earlier today. This particular IMAX is the third largest screen in the world. It uses two 15000 watt bulbs for the projection.