Melbourne tour continues. The pace slowed down after plenty of activities in the city and traveling in the first 2 days. It was also to give way for long trips tomorrow to outside Melbourne, which should already be more like a little Australian tour. You might argue how Australian that would be, since it wouldn’t cover other major cities but I think that it would be for the whole tour would now comprise of city, outskirts and a little bit of nature.


My wife’s apartment until she comes back for good.

I’ve already concluded that Melbourne is very much an international gathering of many nationalities. Seeing the prayer facilities and now Halal-certified restaurants, I’m convinced that it is also more Muslim friendly than most.


Trying out Cayan grill at KFC Fawkner.


Spent some time on the famous Sydney Road.

I’ve seen more Mazdas than I have Hondas and Nissans in Melbourne. What does that mean?


Good looking Mazda 3 hatchback


It was a pretty peaceful neighborhood.


Olive tree on a street.


Brilliant use of technology – stores the sun’s energy and beams it at night.


We took a walk around Jones reserves just behind the street.