Sometimes wishes do come true. I was just kidding about getting a Lancer for the road trip but while agreeing on the arrangement at Budget, my wife inquired about the free upgrade to a higher class, an offer for more than 2 days lease shown in the website. We originally planned for a class C vehicles (Corolla Sedan, Tiida) and drove out with a class D Lancer.



The most awesome car I have driven to date. Mitsubishi Lancer

We arrived in Phillips Island early in the afternoon. The weather was nice. Phillips Island is about 120km south-east of Melbourne.


Somebody offered to take a picture for us in front of Amaze’n Things.


Wishing for thinner body frames… hahah!


Defying or complying with gravity? Michael Jackson’s patented move (patent no. 5255452)


Optical illusion room. The man of the left (me) was actually elevated and nearer to the camera relative to the lady on the right (wife). I didn’t have enough means so I just snapped the preview photo. Heh.


The mirror maze was fun. First we found two parallel mirrors that faced each other.


Then I made a copy of my wife, so one could continue her studies and another one would come back with me. lol.


But then I thought – let’s have four of her.


And she wanted four of me too.


What’s for dinner?

That place was a lot of fun. But wife and I skipped the life size maze in the interest of time and cut straight to taking a short break with latte and wedges.


If you ever reach Amaze’n Things and decide to enjoy a little snack, avoid ordering the wedges or request the wedges to be without salt altogether. The one they prepared for me had at least a cup extra!

Then we moved on to see the Nobbies almost immediately. We had plenty of time but we didn’t want to lose a spot in the Penguin Parade.


Our ride from another angle.


The Nobbies


SImple but clever footwork.


The air was fresh and the sight was beautiful.


There is another attraction nearby the Nobbies called the Blowhole.


The blowhole was a natural formation from gushing waves over time. At the time of visit, the water level was much lower and there was not much wind blowing so we couldn’t see the water spray. Too bad.



The tripod really came in handy. I couldn’t have it any other way.


Brilliant. By the way, I heard this from one of the tourists, “You either live in your room, or go to Australia.”


Brilliant. Nikon is really an amazing camera.


Come and visit the land down under!

This particular sight caught my interested. The straight road heads somewhere but all you could see was a straight line heading nowhere or more or less to the blue sky.


This particular sight caught my interested. The straight road heads somewhere but all you could see was a straight line heading nowhere or more or less to the blue sky.


Gorgeous shore line.


Beautiful beach.


Half hour before the sun sets.


We spotted a whale.

Finally we headed towards the Penguin Parade. There were already handful of people by the time we got there. Nevertheless we found a decent spot for penguin watching. It was freezing cold but nothing beats the excitement to witness the wonder of the nature. We waited until it was like 5.45 before the penguins appeared. They moved in groups and they trotted fast as they crossed the beach for safety. Cute 30cm tall little penguins.


This was all I could get after Mark banned us from taking pictures. Hey, at least I snapped something. Look at the beautiful moon.

Well, they looked like this up close.