I was out for just 1 week and a few things went haywire. Not so much due to the inabilities of those who temporarily stood in for me, but it was due some unavoidable circumstances.

But nevertheless, life must move on. I was at the Machines during lunch to grab a MiniDisplay port to DVI converter cable. Other than that, I spent all day in office, not feeling very well. My throat felt a little sore. I decided to see the doctor by end of the office hours. It could just be my body adapting back to the warm weather. Not AH1N1.

The doctor said, “You’re fine!”. He was wondering if there was an opening for a physician or something at my oil & gas company MOH. So I began to describe what I know about MOH. Upon knowing that the company doctor is Dr. Abu the doctor immediately went, “Oh! You’re in such good hands. Dr. Abu is brilliant. I attend his talks some times,” and backed down from inquiring for the opening. Hm, I didn’t know Dr. Abu has that huge of a reputation outside the company.

Later in the evening, I sent and fetched CB from tuition. Wife and I bought some durians and mangosteens. Schluurrp. The durians tasted good.