I felt so freaking exhausted! Didn’t get enough sleep yesterday. That was very stressful. Outstanding work at the office made it even worse.

I decided that I’ve had enough of local and asian delicacy so there I was having lunch at KFC. It’s not something easy to digest but my stomach craved for something other than eastern cuisine.


Proceeding with my desktop project, I bought the slim keyboard from Machines. Then I headed to Low Yat Plaza and bought Samsung SyncMaster P2350.


The 23″ inch monitor is awesome! Samsung is the right choice. The monitor has dual input – the latest DVI-D (digital) and the old school analog VGA.


I am formally endorsing this Samsung SyncMaster P2350. Immediate specifications that you might find interesting – the screen has 50,000:1 contrast ratio with 2ms response time.


Sleek input device.

Much later in the evening I sent and picked up CB. On the way to pick up, I let my wife drove WLV as a preparation for tomorrow.